2010-05-15: version 0.5 released.
Enabled parsing of images specified in <svg><image> tags. Fixed batch processing to continue after an EPUB fails to convert. Numerous minor bugfixes and improvements; see README for details. Download here.

2010-04-21: version 0.4 released.
Nested TOC in source EPUB NCX is now reproduced faithfully in the output PDF bookmarks.


epub2pdf is a command-line tool that quickly generates PDF files from EPUB ebooks. It allows the user to specify page size, fonts, margins, and default paragraph alignment.

The original impetus for this software was a desire to enjoy more e-books on the Foxit eSlick device. As a courtesy to fellow eSlick users, the margin and page-size defaults are optimized for that device, but they should work well for many other devices and are easily changed in any case.

System Requirements

In theory, epub2pdf will run on any platform that supports the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6 or later. (Get Java here.)

In practice, it has been observed to run correctly on Windows Vista SP2, Fedora Linux 12, and a recent version of Mac OS X. Your mileage may vary.


epub2pdf is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


Readme file:

Binary distribution (all platforms):

Source bundle (includes source for epub2pdf and all third-party libraries to which it links):


Bug reports can be filed at the epub2pdf issue tracker, hosted by Google Code.

If you wish to contact the developer privately, an email address is provided with the binary distribution.

Shoulder Inventory

epub2pdf is indebted to a number of libraries, especially:

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epub2pdf - Copyright © 2010 Brendan C. LeFebvre.